Tydings serves foreign companies doing business in the United States and U.S. companies doing business abroad.  We have counseled large multinationals and closely held businesses, start-ups and government agencies.  No matter the size of the client, we strive to find innovative solutions to its international business challenges.

As proud members of MERITAS, Law Firms Worldwide, we are part of an international network of some of the world’s most respected law firms.  Our membership in Meritas means that our clients benefit from seamless access to outstanding representation in more than 60 countries, alleviating the complexities of differing time zones and cultural and linguistic distinctions that can otherwise complicate any international business arrangement.

Start-ups by foreign companies

At Tydings, we are deeply experienced in helping foreign companies establish operations in the United States.  We often serve as outside general counsel to the U.S.-based ventures of foreign companies.  In this capacity, we assist with:

  • Structuring appropriate business entities for their U.S.-based operations;
  • Multinational tax strategies and tax planning issues;
  • Marketing arrangements and coordinating outside vendors;
  • Employment issues, including employment agreements, non-compete agreements, employment benefits, and other matters;
  • The purchase, construction, or lease of clients’ operational bases or facilities in the United States;
  • Regulatory matters and dealings with appropriate government agencies; and
  • Practical management needs, including recommending appropriate accountants, appraisers, and consultants.

Balancing American and foreign requirements

Foreign companies often find that growing a business in the United States can be daunting.  We are very familiar with the diverse array of complications foreign companies can face in the U.S.  We help international clients fulfill their U.S. regulatory requirements while complying with the legal, financial, and tax requirements of their home countries.  We have advised publicly traded and privately owned foreign companies, as well as foreign government agencies and government-owned entities.

For American companies doing business abroad, we help locate competent foreign counsel and advisors.  We also work with them to ensure that they can meet their goals internationally while satisfying tax and regulatory demands here in the U.S.

Employment issues

U.S. laws place the burden on employers in the U.S. to ensure that they hire foreign employees in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and that those workers’ employment complies with U.S. laws while they are here.  Our experienced immigration attorneys guide eligible individuals through the process of obtaining the appropriate visa and work authorization status.  We also advise with respect to tax law matters, employee benefits, real estate, and estate planning.

Specifically, we assist with the following matters related to the hiring and employment of foreign workers:

  • Applications for H1B and H2B employment;
  • H1B and H2B extensions and H1B transfers;
  • TN visa applications and extensions;
  • E-3 applications;
  • L-1 visas for inter-company transfers;
  • Applications for employer-based permanent residence and other employment-related immigration and non-immigrant matters;
  • Recordkeeping and performance issues; and
  • Termination procedures and practices, including training programs and documentation, and all related aspects of the employment relationship.

For more information about these services, visit our immigration practice.

Other international services

Our lawyers have extensive experience in acquisitions, joint ventures, and financing on behalf of foreign companies in the United States and U.S. companies abroad.  We have represented foreign clients as they have acquired, divested, reorganized, and liquidated business interests in the U.S.  We have also assisted U.S. companies in similar transactions abroad.  We regularly handle direct purchases and sales of stock or other ownership interests, reverse or forward mergers, share exchanges, management takeovers, leveraged buyouts, and acquisitions out of bankruptcy.

Our services also include due diligence reviews of companies, the implementation of beneficial tax structures, and assessment of property liability and environmental risk.  We assist with representations and warranties, contractual covenants, and indemnification provisions.  We also help with the valuation of companies and other assets.

Representative Matters

  • Represented a global company based in the United Kingdom selling its worldwide holdings to a British competitor; handled the sale of all the U.S. based holdings, in a deal valued at approximately $1 billion.
  • Represented a U.S. company amalgamating with a Canadian company on a tax-deferred basis.
  • Helped an Italian company maximize use of tax benefits as it changed from a U.S. branch of a foreign company to a U.S. company.
  • Advised a European company on tax planning for U.S. real estate holdings.
  • Worked with Belgian colleagues in advising a U.S. company in disputes with minority shareholders in its Belgian subsidiary.
  • Worked with Turkish colleagues in advising a U.S. company on long-term contracts with a Turkish entity.
  • Represented a Canadian telecommunications company in a copyright infringement suit.
  • Advised a U.S. company on international distribution arrangements and disputes.
  • Advised an Australian company on the acquisition of a U.S. business.
  • Counseled a Swiss company on distribution arrangements for a U.S. manufacturer.
  • Advised a Japanese insurer regarding U.S. claims.
  • Handled U.S. corporate and marketing issues for a German company.
  • Counseled an Indian company regarding its representative arrangements with a U.S. manufacturer.
  • Advised a U.K. bank on U.S. loan issues.